About us

We like to do things differently at Honeysuckle Nutrition

As expected Honeysuckle Nutrition use the finest ingredients, sourced by an expert team ensuring we manufacture all of our products to the highest UK quality, we go to every length to make our products right for you.

Did you know, in some countries food supplements are recommended by Doctors and Pharmacists.

Our product range has been formulated to help maintain your everyday needs.

We have deliberately kept our range simple because life is complex enough.

We have selected only our best formulations and the highest quality ingredients to meet your needs.

With Honeysuckle Nutrition you will find Food Supplements for the most frequent uses for when people feel they need to supplement their diet. We have formulations for:

  • Immune Support
  • Energy release & fatigue reduction
  • Om3ga- Heart, Brain, Eyes
  • Hair and Skin
  • Bones and Muscle Function

We’ve been doing this for over  30 years

Collectively, our team have over 100 years of experience

Our products/recipes are carefully crafted to ensure they are the best.